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This is the home page of Jean-Marie BECKERS (contact e-mail: JM.Beckers (symbol)

Professor, GHER group leader

Department AGO, group GHER, at the University of Liège


Curriculum Vitae

  • Full professor (Professeur ordinaire) at the University of Liège since 1/1/07
  • Professor at the University of Liège since 1/10/03.
  • Research Associate from 1/10/95 to 30/9/05.
  • Post-doctoral researcher F.R.S.-FNRS, also at IFM Hamburg, from 1/10/93 to 30/9/95.
  • Assistent at Liège University from 1/10/92 to 30/9/93.
  • Research Fellow F.N.R.S. from 1/10/88 to 30/9/92.
  • Student-assistent from 1985 to 1988.

Referred publications

Research Interests and Recent Work

Physical oceanography with theoretical developments in

  • numerical and mathematical modelling,
  • statistical data analyisis, in particular spatial gridding,
  • data assimilation

applications include global, regional and coastal domaines, mainly in

  • Mediterranean Sea,
  • Black Sea,
  • Golf of Cadiz.


Geophysical Fluid Dynamics


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