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This is the home page of Alexander Barth

You can contact me by:

  • email: a.barth at
  • phone: +32 4 3663664


Curriculum Vitae

My CV (including a complete list of publications) can be downloaded as HTML or PDF file.

PhD thesis: Assimilation of sea surface temperature and sea surface height in a two-way nested primitive equation model of the Ligurian Sea at University of Liege. PDF

Search all my publications on ORBI:

Publications on ORBI can be either downloaded directly or they will be sent to you per email (after accepting the usage license).


Full list of publications



Most the packages I wrote are general-purpose and might be useful to you as well:

Web applications:

Diva on web: The Diva web-interface (available at is a web service to interpolate ocean data on a regular grid. It uses Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis (Diva) for the interpolation.

OceanBrowser: a tool for web-based visualization of gridded data sets. This is used in different projects: SeaDataNet, Emodnet (chemical lot), GHER

EarthGL is a javascript library to display images from a WMS server on a digital model of the Earth. It is based on WebGL and the HTML5 canvas element. It was implemented to visulalize horizontal and vertical sections of ocean variables. The library API is similar to OpenLayers.

OceanBrowser3D: a tool for web-based visualization of gridded data sets on a 3D digital model of the Earth

Current projects

Past projects

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