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(What to put on the GHER twitter account?)
(Create a "search" widget)
Line 65: Line 65:
   search: '#clq2012',
   search: '#clq2012',
   interval: 30000,
   interval: 30000,
   title: 'DINEOF ',
   title: 'Liège Colloquium 2012 ',
   subject: 'Liège Colloquium 2012',
   subject: 'What's new?',
   width: 350,
   width: 350,
   height: 100,
   height: 100,

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Twitter is social networking service working with short messages (< 140 characters) called tweet.

It is a nice tool to send information within and outside the group.

Several users can be connected simultaneously to the same account.



  • twitter
  • User account: our gmail account
  • Password: ask Charles

Change the style

Change the widget aspect

Create a "search" widget

What to put on the GHER twitter account?

  • Links of web pages about oceanography (with a small description, since links are shortened)
  • Pictures of results (use the "Add an image" icon, below the text window)
  • New publications with the link to orbi database
  • News about the colloquium (use the #CLQ2012 hashtag)
  • Updated version of softwares (use #DIVA_GHER and #DINEOF hashtags)

Note that videos uploaded or added on youtube playlist are appear directly in the twitter feed.

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