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I started trails in 2007 more or less, in the Canary Islands. From the first time I lived there, I was more attracted by the countryside and the mountains than by the numerous beaches of the islands. Every weekend I tried to travel all over the various footpaths and to know each hideaway. In dribs and drabs I started to run instead of walking, so that I could discover more and more places.

One evening, having a drink with a friend near Las Canteras beach, we saw runners coming along the seawall as they were finishing the famous Trangrancanaria race. Just after that I told my friend: I have to do it, too!

A few months later, I challenged myself to cross Gran Canaria from Maspalomas to Las Palmas, following the route of the Transgrancanaria South-North, about 92 km long. It was quite hard since I did it without provisioning (except some coffee in bars) and got lost a couple of times.

In October 2009, after three weeks aboard Sarmiento de Gamboa, I ran my first official ultratrail, the Gran Canaria Challenger, a 75 km trail crossing the islands from southwest to northeast. The experience was great, and reaching the finish line was already a victory (finished 73rd on about 200 participants, in 12:42:09).

The next step was to run the Transvulcania is the island of La Palma, considered the most difficult trail in the archipelago. The race took place on June 5, 2010, with about 200 participants. I consider it as the most spectacular race I've seen! I finished in 14:12:58, ranking 81th. You can see a nice video of the race here:

In May 2011, I finally participated to my first trail in Belgium: the Grand Trail des Lacs et Châteaux, a splendid race in the eastern part of Belgium, a good occasion to (re)-discover some of the most beautiful hiking paths of the country.

Transvulcanania May 2010 83 4415

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