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I started trails in 2007 more or less, in the Canary Islands. From the first time I lived there, I was more attracted by the countryside and the mountains than by the numerous beaches of the islands. Every weekend I tried to travel all over the various footpaths and to know each hideaway. In dribs and drabs I started to run instead of walking, so that I could discover more and more places.

One evening, having a drink with a friend near Las Canteras beach, we saw runners coming along the seawall as they were finishing the famous Trangrancanaria race. Just after that I told my friend: I have to do it, too!

A few months later, I challenged myself to cross Gran Canaria from Maspalomas to Las Palmas, following the route of the Transgrancanaria South-North, about 92 km long. It was quite hard since I did it without provisioning (except some coffee in bars) and got lost a couple of times.

In October 2009, after three weeks aboard Sarmiento de Gamboa, I ran my first official ultratrail, the Gran Canaria Challenger, a 75 km trail crossing the islands from southwest to northeast. The experience was great, and reaching the finish line was already a victory (finished 73rd on about 200 participants, in 12:42:09).

The next step was to run the Transvulcania is the island of La Palma, considered the most difficult trail in the archipelago.

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