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The following list of Ph.D. Thesis topics proposed at GHER is not exhaustive and depending on the student's interest and the ongoing research projects additional themes can be defined.

Our objective is to propose subjects which are stronly linked to ongoing research efforts at international level and make sure students can collaborate with collegues at other universities or research centers. This has also the advantage of ensure adequate access to recent data.

Studends are welcomed to apply a Ph.D. position at any moment and depending on the schedules and interests of the student, applications to FRIA or FNR-FNRS will be prepared. For Ph.D positions offered within projects, you can also consult [1]


Data Analysis methodologies

Multivariate approaches

New FEM DIVA solver in ND

Multiscale DINEOF-OI

Developments in numerical modelling

Ocean Sound

Coupled ocean atmosphere model with improved bulk exchanges

Simulation of sea surface temperature and circulation in the Bay of Calvi

New Data Assimilation schemes

Non linear aspects

Multiscale aspects

Oceanographic themes

Here the emphasis is rather on using the tools mentionned above to look at specific oceanographic questions

Sub-grid scale models

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