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* [[Linux tips]]: useful commands for particular tasks in Linux
* [[Linux tips]]: useful commands for particular tasks in Linux
* [ Creation of animations]
* [ Creation of animations]: creation of a movie using a series of images
* [[Debugging in LINUX/UNIX]]
* [[Debugging in LINUX/UNIX]]

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Tools developed by the GHER

This is a list of software and tools developed by the group, mainly in numerical modeling, spatial interpolation and data assimilation.


  • DINEOF (Data Interpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions): a tool for removing missing data in geophysical data sets
  • DIVA (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis): a spatial interpolation software
  • "Diva on web" Diva's web-interface
  • "OceanBrowser" A web-interface for visualizing NetCDF files

Data assimilation

Octave/Matlab toolboxes

Other tools

Here are another set of tools useful in oceanography and numerical modeling.

Programming languages

Editors and word processors

  • vi editor: a powerful linux text editor.
  • LaTeX: a document preparation system.


Remote access and desktop virtualization

Note: if keyboard problem (e.g., azerty vs. qwerty), type

setxkbmap be

(where 'be' has to be changed accordingly to your keyboard)

You may also need to type

setxkbmap -model evdev -layout be

in order to avoid unwanted keyboard behavior (ex: upward arrow launches snapshot tool)


Useful to convert a pdf into text, when acrobat does not recognize properly the strings.

  • Split a pdf file into multiple file

pdftk can do the trick. For example:

pdftk mydoc.pdf burst
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