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Gebco Topography

After downloading the complete, global GEBCO One-Minute Grid (90n90s180w180e.zip) from http://www.bodc.ac.uk/data/online_delivery/gebco/ and unzipping it to obtain the GridOne.grd. Download the software GebcoCE_GridOnly as well and execute it.

Be careful 
* the file Gebco One=Minute Grid have to be in the same folder than GebcoCE_GridOnl.
* Gebco doesn't run on Linux OS.

After charging your topography, convert file into gher format (Diva user guide 2008) :

1/ With Diva, edit text file et delete metadata, and rename the file into topo.gebco in diva/divastripped/input, then launch gebco2diva in command line.

2/ With Matlab, define, in the path of Matlab the directory of diva_topo_gebco. The most of time it is in ../diva/src/Matlab/CL. In your Matlab directory, find the file 'startup.m' and edit it.


Then use diva_topo_gebco.m on the file untitle topo.gebco.

Be careful 
Don't delete metadata.
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