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Current projects

Data Analysis

Modelling and data assimilation

Past projects

  • Recolour (Belgian Science Policy)
  • ECOOP (EU project): European COastal sea OPerational observing and forcasting system
  • SESAME (EU project): Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem changes (European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme, 2006-2011)
  • SEADATANET (EU Project) : Pan-European infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data Management
  • RACE (ARC project): Rapid Assessment of the Marine Coastal Environment, 01/10/2005 - 30/09/2010
  • BENCORE (EU project): The Belgian network of coastal research
  • EUROCEANS (EU project): European network of excellence for ocean ecosystems analysis
  • EROS 21 (EU project): Study of the interactions between the Danube river and the north-western sheef of the Black Sea
  • ARAL - KUM (INTAS project): Study of the Aral sea: desertification process
  • INTAS : Study of the nitrogen cycling in the oxic / anoxic environment of the Black Sea: data analysis and numerical simulation
  • VENTIL (INTAS project): Study of the ventilation process of the Black Sea'anoxic waters
  • MFSTEP (EU project): Mediterranean ocean Forecasting System: Toward Environmental Predictions
  • SOFT (EU project): Satellite based Ocean Forecasting sysTem
  • MEDAR (EU project): MEDiterranean hydrographic and biological data ARchiving project (see also MODB/MEDATLAS)
  • MEDNET (EU project): Mediterranean Modelling Network (MAST III)
  • MATER (EU project) : MAss Transfer & Ecosystem Response (MAST III)
  • TOROS (EU project): Tinto Odiel River Ocean Study
  • EROS2000 (EU project): Gulf of Lion Modeling
  • OMEGA (EU project): Observing and Modelling of Eddy Scale Geostrophic and Ageostrophic Circulation
  • MMARIE (EU project): Application of high performance computing techniques for the modelling of marine ecosystems
  • MEDMEX (EU project coordinated by GHER): MEDiterranean Models Evaluation eXperiment
  • SALMON (IBM grant): Sea Air Land Modeling Operational Network
  • MODB(EU project coordinated by GHER): Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base
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