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=== Data Analysis ===
=== Data Analysis ===
* BESST (Inter-sensor Bias Estimation in Sea Surface Temperature)
* [ HiSea] (High resolution merged satellite Sea surface temperature fields)
* [ HiSea] (High resolution merged satellite Sea surface temperature fields)
* [ SeaDataNet II]
* [ SeaDataNet II]
* GeoColour
* Geocolour (Preparation for Geostationary Ocean Colour). Official website of the project (in preparation): []
* [ EMODNET (Chemistry)]
* [ EMODNET (Chemistry)]

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Current projects

Data Analysis

Modelling and data assimilation

Past projects

  • Recolour
  • ECOPS: European Committee on Ocean and Polar Sciences
  • SEADATANET: Pan-European infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data Management
  • RACE
  • BENCORE: The Belgian network of coastal research
  • EUROCEANS: European network of excellence for ocean ecosystems analysis
  • RACE: Rapid Assessment of the Marine Coastal Environment
  • EROS 21: Study of the interactions between the Danube river and the north-western sheef of the Black Sea
  • SEAWIFS: Collection of ocean color data
  • ARAL - KUM: Study of the Aral sea: desertification process
  • INTAS: Study of the nitrogen cycling in the oxic / anoxic environment of the Black Sea: data analysis and numerical simulation
  • VENTIL: Study of the ventilation process of the Black Sea'anoxic waters
  • The Antarctic project
  • Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in the North Sea CANOPY
  • The carbon cycle in Mangroves
  • The carbon cycle in Coral Reefs
  • OMEX: Ocean Margin Exchange
  • BIOGEST: Biogas Transfer in Estuaries
  • EUROTROPH: Nutrients Cycling and the Trophic Status of Coastal Ecosystems
  • MFSTEP: Mediterranean ocean Forecasting System: Toward Environmental Predictions
  • SOFT: Satellite based Ocean Forecasting sysTem
  • MEDAR: MEDterranean hydrographic and biological data ARchiving project (see also MODB/MEDATLAS)
  • MATER: Mediterranean Targeted Project (MAST III)
  • TOROS: Tinto Odiel River Ocean Study
  • EROS2000: Gulf of Lion Modeling
  • OMEGA: Observing and Modelling of Eddy Scale Geostrophic and Ageostrophic Circulation
  • MMARIE: Application of high performance computing techniques for the modelling of marine ecosystems
  • MEDMEX: MEDiterranean Models Evaluation eXperiment
  • SALMON: Sea Air Land Modeling Operational Network
  • MODB: Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base
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