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Most of the group pictures are stored in picasaweb gallery.

The gallery can be accessed with the gmail account.

When creating a new album:

  • Resize the images (around 1500 pixels width) in order to save space.
  • Add the GHER logo.
  • Add the url and the date of the event.


Conferences and workshops

Other activities


How to create an album available on the web?

If you want to have the pictures available on one of the server, here are the steps to follow.

  • Upload the pictures on modb or on gher-diva, somewhere in the /var/www directory.
scp ./*.JPG gher-diva:/var/www/Colloquium/2010/Photos/Monday/
  • Use the gthumb tool to produce the gallery
ssh gher-diva
cd /var/www/Colloquium/2010/Photos/Monday/
gthumb . &
  • Once the graphical interface is open, select the pictures you want to make available, then go in the tool tab, and select Create Web Album.

You will have to configure the album style: number of pictures, colors, etc.

Don't forget to select the correct Destination.

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