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Some figures about the GHER3D performance

On NICK2 we ran a high resolution model of the Mediterranean Sea. Here are the times needed to compute one day of simulation and zip the output files:

1 CPU - 2h15

2 CPU - 1h19

4 CPU - ????

We approximately have a gain of performace of 40% with 2 CPUs and of ??% with 4 CPUs.

On my laptop (Centrino Duo 1.66 GHz with OpenSuse 10.2 and the ifort compiler), using the optimization flag -O3 instead of -O2 allows one to improve performance of about 33%.

Special cases:

a) Medit low-resolution: DLAM=DPHI=0.25°, DTEL=30, NELE=60, CDIFFR=125, CDIFFP=1500

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