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Herer are some files with new animations for supporting lectures using Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. The official supporting material is found at Elsevier. Some additional animations are:

Animation of sequences shown in Figures 21-4 and 21-5 showing equatorial waves triggered in the western part and propagating.

Animation of the shear flow instability of Figure 10-4

Gaussian eddy, stable situation.

Zero total vorticity, inner patch with radius which is half of the total radius

Zero total vorticity, inner patch with same surface as outer patch

As shieldededdy2.avi but with beta effect added. Note the loss of symmetry.

Contour dynamics code contourdyn.m used to make an animated version of Figure 10.11

Spectral code qgspectral.m used to make an animated version of Figure 18.17

Two layer model code baroclinic.m used to make an animated version of Figure 17.8 and 17.9

The corresponding README.txt can also by downloaded.




  • "This book Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics is one of the best books introducing the subject matter... Overall, the book is very well written with the material

concisely described and methods of solution are highlighted. ... I highly recommend this to undergraduate students, however, graduate students will also benefit from the material presented" Amgad Salama, Full review

Color figures

Elsevier site


  • Analytical problems
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