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Trouble shooting

  • locate_module.c(565):ERROR:106: Magic cookie '#%Module' missing in '/u/yyan/modules/NEMODRAK/3.4'
#%Module -*- tcl -*- (Attention, there is no blank line before this line, source ./.bashrc then log out, log in)
  • /cvos/shared/apps/l_ict/3.2.1/Compiler/11.1/038/lib/intel64/ warning: warning: feupdateenv is not implemented and will always fail
add "-shared-intel" to "FFLAGS" in "macro.gher" file
  • forrtl: error (63): output conversion error, unit 18 when n° of processors ij != n° of processors i X n° of processors j
add -check nooutput_conversion as flag
  • mpirun -mca btl_tcp_if_include eth0 -np 64 ./opa

forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

possible solution: add options below in arch_gher_cluster.ksh (ARCH) and macro.gher (Macrolib)
-heap-arrays -g -traceback -check all -fp-stack-check
  • forrtl: severe (36): attempt to access non-existent record
file does not exist or add options -assume byterecl to "FFLAGS"
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