Model Outputs


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Model outputs consist in a collection of files in the GHER format (to be read with uload command in fortran or gread command in matlab).

There is one file for each timestep selected for outputs records ( see .init file) and for each ouputs variables (selected within the putfin.f90 and putavr.f90 routines, or through compilation flags.

Every file has the following format : XXX########.VVV , in which

  • XXX is the prefix set for that simulation in the .init file
  • ######## is a number of 8 digit indicating the time step
  • VVV is the name of the variable

Models outputs can be

  • Instant outputs, that correspond to the state of the model at one instant.

These should be used for instance to relaunch precisely an interrupated simulation, or to look for fine structure as they are truly resolve by the model

  • Average ouptuts (in time), distinguished by and additional letters in the file name: XXX########AVR.VVV.

The parameters of the averaging processes (e.g. time of averaging) are precised in the .init file. Average outputs should be used for postprocesssing in most cases (eg. Computing timeseries from spatial average).

A common practice is to save averages outputs on a regular basis (for instance every week) and instant inputs at lower frequency for instance every 3 month) to allow to relaunch the simulation later. In some cases instantaneous outputs are required for specific Some specific post processing requires both averages and instant outputs, for instance when we want to relate the modification of the model state of the model from instant to another (instantaneaous state variables) to production/destruction terms between these two instants (averaged prod/dest terms).

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