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Makefile.flags defines the flags that will be considered at the model compilation.

Here are listed and briefly described several flags, some are inherent to the code (the ones beginning with a D) the others are inherent to the compiler.


it converts the endianness of the binary files in order to be read by the model


it enables the computation of light extinction


it filters a high resolution model output to perform a nudging on a coarser resolution field


it converts sigma-layers into z-layers, this flag has to be enable if one wants to compute light extinction


NOT USED ANYMORE - the Modified Julian Day convention is now always followed


it enables the nesting of several models


it enables a multiprocessor execution of the code


it extends the length of the lines (for the pgf77 compiler)


it extends the length of the lines (for the pgf90 compiler)


it transforms the #define ... into what is needed by the code during the compilation preprocess

-O, -O1, -O2, -O3

it enables an automatic optimization of the code (more or less efficient and adequate)

-O1 corresponds to the lightest opitmization,

-O2 (or -O) to an intermediate one and

-O3 to the strongest one

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