Linux Mint 2011


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The ranking of the Linux distributions is available here:

Main Mint page:

  • Download DVD version (32 or 64-bit)

md5sum  linuxmint-11-gnome-dvd-32bit.iso

  • Burn the iso to DVD
cdrecord -scanbus

to get the device number and then

cdrecord -v -dao dev=1,0,0 linuxmint-11-gnome-dvd-32bit.iso
  • Boot from the DVD (you may have to change the BIOS settings (F1 or F2 or Del or Esc or ...)
  • Follow the instruction

Note: possible bug when you have to choose you keyboard layout. Solution: select USA English, then finish let the installation finish. The Belgium keyboard can be chosen afterward, either with the menu at the bottom of the screen, or with the command:

setxkbmap be
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