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The GHER is a research group of the University of Liège, directed by Professor J.-M. Beckers. It is devoted to marine and environmental study and modelling.

Initiated in the seventies in the frame of the Programme National mer by Prof. J. Nihoul, the GHER participated in the study of many different sites such as the North Sea, the Black Sea, The Aral Sea, the South China Sea, the Bering Sea, the Persian Gulf or the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean primitive equation 3D hydrodynamic models were developed in the European EROS2000, EUROMODEL projects while the oceanographic data base and data analysis tools were elaborated during the European MERMAIDS, MODB, MEDAR, SeaDataNet projects. Presently research activity focuses on merging of statistical data analysis and modeling into assimilation approaches, including nested coastal models. Model verification using wavelets and other advanced statistical tools is another research focus as well as cloud filling based on empirical orthogonal functions.

The GHER team is also responsible for the International Liège Colloquium of Ocean Dynamics.



This is a list of softwares developed by the GHER:


  • DINEOF (Data Interpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions): a tool for removing missing data in geophysical data sets
  • DIVA (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis): a spatial interpolation software
  • "Diva on web" Diva's web-interface
  • "OceanBrowser" A web-interface for visualizing NetCDF files

Data assimilation

Octave/Matlab toolboxes


Publications and Projects

GHER refereed publications

Current projects


Data bases and references


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