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Download and Extraction of Files

You can choose to download the source code, and compile it in your computer (Linux/UNIX system)

Or you can use one of the binaries proposed, to directly execute DINEOF on your computer via the present web page.

Download DINEOF now!

Download the source code (tar and zip files) via command lines on your linux machine

To download DINEOF version 3.0, you can type:




or (if you are using a Mac and don't have wget installed via MacPorts or other package manager):

curl -O

from your desired folder, or download the package using your internet browser from To extract all the files type:

tar xvfz dineof-3.0.tar.gz

This will create the folder dineof-3.0.

Download the binaries

Binaries for Linux and Windows are on the directory bin of the package mentioned above.

Read/Write routines

Read/Write routines for Octave/Matlab are on the directory Scripts/IO of the package mentioned above.

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