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Download and Extraction of Files

You can choose to download the source code, and compile it in your computer (Linux/UNIX system)

Or you can download one of the binaries proposed, to directly execute DINEOF on your computer.

Download the source code

To download DINEOF version 2.1 type:


from your desired folder, or download the package using your internet browser from To extract all the files type:

tar xvfz dineof-3.0.tar.gz

This will create the folder dineof

Download the binaries

You need two things:

  • And the example data to run a test (data is stored in IEEE big-endian):

Read/Write routines

To read and write in Octave/Matlab the data given in the example, you can use the routines given here:

  • gread.m, to read the data from the disk.
  • gwrite.m, to write the data into the disk.
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