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divadoxml-gui is a graphical tool to generate a XML description of DIVA products for Sextant. The latest source code is available here

The following presentation summaries its usage: http://modb.oce.ulg.ac.be/mediawiki/upload/DIVA/talks/divadoxml-gui.pdf divadoxml-gui.pdf

Installation instruction are give in the file called INSTALL.


Use a HTTP proxy

If you use a HTTP proxy, you can set the environment variable before starting the tool:

export http_proxy=http://PROXY_IP:PROXY_PORT

where you need to replace the IP address and the port of the proxy.

Missing CDI

If a CDI used in the NetCDF file, could not be found in the MARIS database, you might see an error like this: "Not all CDI could be found. See the file ...".

  • You might need to update the CDI list. Click on "Reload vocabularies and CDI list".
  • Check CDI included in the file ending with "cdi_import_errors.csv".
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