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The older versions are not supported anymore and it is stronly suggested to use the latest version, which is backward compatible with the previous versions. So migration should be easy.

Note: two small modifications have been done to versions GODIVA_03_2012 and in diva-4.4.2

If you are working with these versions, it is preferable to:

  • either to replace the files
  1. divacalc located in DIVA3D/divastripped/ by the following one: divacalc and
  2. divadoall located in JRA4/Climatology by the following one: divadoall

Windows binaries

Binaries for windows (Cygwin) are not built systematically for every release of the code as compilation with gfortran is now rather straightforward. But if you need them, please contact us.

Binaries for version 03-2012: bin-cygwin-03-2012.tar.gz

Previous releases

From version 4.3 on 3D/4D loops were included and the package called GODIVA and the tar named accordingly. In the recente releases, naming of tar files came back to the diva versions, now including all tools for 3D/4D climatology production

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