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User guides

The latest version of the user guide now contains the additional documents (detrending, driver options, etc), except the stabilization tool available below. It will be included in the next editions. Any feedback on errors in the documentation or points which need clarification is highly welcomed.

Latest version

Older versions

Additional documents

The small manuals aims to help the user for particular tasks (detrending, integrals, ...) or to summarize the main manuals.

  • driver_options.pdf (March 2012): options to configure the driver file.
  • divademecum.pdf: a summary for main Diva commands
  • divadetrend.pdf: a tool to remove trends from measurements
  • divadoxml.pdf: to generate automatically xml files associated to the NetCDF climatologies and that will serve to describe the products in online catalogues
  • DriverConfig.pdf: a summary of the values of the parameters in the driver file
  • godiva_driver.pdf: a summary of the options of GODIVA

Conferences, meeting, posters

The lists are generated and updated automatically using the orbi tool. The keyword DIVA has to be present in the orbi entry.


Regional products report specifications for data flow
J.-M. Beckers, C. Troupin, D. Sirjacobs and M. Ouberdous
SeaDataNet 1st Annual Meeting, Trieste (Italy), 19-20 March 2007



IODE SeaDataNet Training course 2012

The presentations made during the training course are available here

A presentation at ESA Summerschool 2010

Overview of state estimation and Diva

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