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Baltic Sea

Institute: National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark -- http://www.dmu.dk/International/

Person(s) in charge: Marc Bassompierre (mbas at dmu.dk)

Project SeaDataNet

Web page: ftp://ftp.dmu.dk/static/DIVA/

North Sea

Institute: Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models and the Scheldt estuar (MUMM) -- http://www.mumm.ac.be/

Person(s) in charge: Serge Scory (S.Scory at mumm.ac.be)

Project SeaDataNet

Web page: http://www.seadatanet.be/sdn_anim/

Atlantic Ocean

Institute: Institut Francais de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER), Systèmes d'Informations Scientifiques pour la Mer (SISMER) --


Person(s) in charge: Christine Coatanoan (Christine.Coatanoan at ifremer.fr)

Project SeaDataNet

Web page:

Barents Sea

Institute: Institute of Marine Research, Norway (IMR) -- http://www.imr.no/en

Person(s) in charge: Helge Sagen (helge at IMR.no), Oivind Ostensen, Sigrid Lind Johansen

Project SeaDataNet

Web page:

Mediterranean Sea

Institute: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) -- http://www.ingv.it/

Person(s) in charge: Marina Tonani (tonani at bo.ingv.it), Alessandro Grandi (grandi at bo.ingv.it)

Project SeaDataNet

Web page: http://gnoo.bo.ingv.it/mfs/seadatanet/

Mediterranean Sea (SST)

Institute: Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) --


Person(s) in charge: Cristina Tronconi (cristina.tronconi at artov.isac.cnr.it)

Project SeaDataNet

Web page:

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