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  • Where can I get the latest DIVA version?

The latest version if available

  • What do I need to install DIVA?

Check the installation page

  • Will there be a version to use on a parallel computer?

The solver in version 4.6.0 will be parall, but in any case, the best parallelization can be obtained by running diva on different months (or parameters) on different processors

  • Is there a graphical user interface?

Previously, an interface for the 2-D version was available, but is was not up-to-date with respect to the developments of the code.

Usually, one wants to perform a large number (more than 100) analysis in order to produce a complete climatology. To this end, it is easier to use command line than to click and wait 100 times.

For the users not familiar with shells and scripts, the web interface can be tried at http://gher-diva.phys.ulg.ac.be/web-vis/diva.html

  • Can I use DIVA to interpolate measurements from satellite, for example Sea Surface Temperature?

Yes, it is always possible to perform an interpolation with DIVA on this kind of data. However, a better solution is to take into account not only a single satellite images, but also the information contained in the images of the previous days. This is done with the software DINEOF.

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