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DINEOF publications in our group

  • Aida Alvera-Azcárate, Alexander Barth, Gaëlle Parard, Jean-Marie Beckers. Analysis of SMOS sea surface salinity data using DINEOF. Remote Sensing of Environment. 180 (2016) 137–145. 2016. Request a copy
  • A. Alvera-Azcárate, Q. Vanhellemont, K. Ruddick, A. Barth, and J.-M. Beckers. Analysis of high frequency geostationary ocean colour data using DINEOF. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 159:28–36, 2015. Request a copy
  • J.-M. Beckers, A. Barth, I. Tomazic, and A. Alvera-Azcárate. A method to generate fully multi-scale optimal interpolation by combining efficient single process analyses, illustrated by a DINEOF analysis spiced with a local optimal interpolation. Ocean Science, 10, 845-862, 2014. pdf version
  • A. Alvera-Azcárate, D. Sirjacobs, A. Barth, and J.-M. Beckers. Outlier detection in satellite data using spatial coherence. Remote Sensing of Environment, 119:84–91, 2012. Request a copy
  • D. Sirjacobs, A. Alvera-Azcárate, A. Barth, G. Lacroix, Y. Park, B. Nechad, K. Ruddick, J.-M. Beckers. Cloud filling of ocean color and sea surface temperature remote sensing products over the Southern North Sea by the Data Interpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions methodology. Journal of Sea Research, 65(1):114-130. 2011. Request a copy
  • A. Alvera-Azcárate, A. Barth, D. Sirjacobs, J.-M. Beckers. Enhancing temporal correlations in EOF expansions for the reconstruction of missing data using DINEOF. Ocean Science, 5, 475-485, 2009. Access it here
  • A. Alvera-Azcárate, A. Barth, D. Sirjacobs, F.Lenartz, J.-M. Beckers. Data Interpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions (DINEOF): a tool for geophysical data analyses. Mediterranean Marine Science, 2010, Accepted.
  • A. Alvera-Azcárate, A. Barth, J.-M. Beckers, and R. H. Weisberg. Multivariate reconstruction of missing data in sea surface temperature, chlorophyll and wind satellite fields. Journal of Geophysical Research, 112:C03008, 2007. doi:10.1029/2006JC003660. Request a copy
  • J.-M. Beckers, A. Barth, and A. Alvera-Azcarate. DINEOF reconstruction of clouded images including error maps. Application to the Sea Surface Temperature around Corsican Island. Ocean Science, 2(2):183-199, 2006. pdf here
  • A. Alvera-Azcárate, A. Barth, M. Rixen, and J.-M. Beckers. Reconstruction of incomplete oceanographic data sets using Empirical Orthogonal Functions. Application to the Adriatic Sea. Ocean Modelling, 9:325-­346, 2005. Request a copy
  • J.-M. Beckers and M. Rixen. EOF calculations and data filling from incomplete oceanographic data sets. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 20(12):1839-­1856, 2003. Request a copy

Other people using DINEOF

  • Li, Y., and He, R.(2014), Spatial and Temporal Variability of SST and Ocean Color in the Gulf of Maine Based on Cloud-free SST and Chlorophyll Reconstructions in 2003-2012, Remote Sensing of Environment, Journal page
  • U. Ganzedo, O. Erdaide, A. Trujillo-Santana, A. Alvera-Azcárate, J. J. Castro. Reconstruction of spatiotemporal capture data by means of orthogonal functions: the case of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in the central-east Atlantic. Scientia Marina, Vol 77, No 4 (2013). doi:10.3989/scimar.03881.07A.
  • B. Nechad, A. Alvera-Azcárate, K. Ruddick, and N. Greenwood. Reconstruction of MODIS total suspended matter time series maps by DINEOF and validation with autonomous platform data. Ocean Dynamics, 61(8):1205–1214, 2011. doi:10.1007/s10236-011-0425-4.
  • Y.Z. Ding, Z.H. Wei, Z.H. Mao, X.F. Wang, D.L. Pan. Reconstruction of incomplete satellite SST data sets based on EOF method. Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 28 (2): 36-44 2009.
  • N.P. Nezlin, K. Kamer, J. Hyde, E.D. Stein, ED. Dissolved oxygen dynamics in a eutrophic estuary, Upper Newport Bay, California. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 82 (1): 139-151 MAR 20 2009.
  • T.N. Miles, R. He, M. Li. Characterizing the South Atlantic Bight seasonal variability and cold-water event in 2003 using a daily cloud-free SST and chlorophyll analysis. Geophysical Research Letters, 36: Art. No. L02604 JAN 22 2009.
  • U. Ganzedo, A. Alvera-Azcárate, G. Esnaola, A. Ezcurra, and J. Saénz. Reconstruction of Sea Surface Temperature by means of DINEOF. A case study during the fishing season in the Bay of Biscay. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 32 (4):933-950, 2011.
  • Josue G. Martinez, Jianhua Z. Huang, Robert C. Burghardt, Rola Barhoumi, and Raymond James Carroll. Use of Multiple Singular Value Decompositions to Analyze Complex Intracellular Calcium Ion Signals. Submitted to the Annals of Applied Statistics. In press.
  • E. Mauri, P.M. Poulain, G. Notarstefano. Spatial and temporal variability of the sea surface temperature in the Gulf of Trieste between January 2000 and December 2006. Journal of Geophysical Research. Vol. 113, No. C10, C10012. 2008.
  • E. Mauri, P.M. Poulain, Z. Južnič-Zonta. MODIS chlorophyll variability in the northern Adriatic Sea and relationship with forcing parameters. Journal of Geophysical Research, vol 112, C03S11, 2007.


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