Coastal Oceanography


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The coastal oceanography course is divided in two sections. A first section addresses the specificities of the coastal ocean from a hydrodynamic point of view. The second section addresses data analysis techniques in oceanography, with a special emphasis in the coastal ocean. The materials will be uploaded after the end of each section.


The image and captions point to the slides shown during the first three lessons. There were three main topics addressed: general concepts and definitions, Waves in the coastal ocean and Estuaries.

Basic concepts Waves Estuaries

Access to the RACE database

The slides shown during the RACE introduction are here


Reference books and websites

  • Introduction to the Physical and Biological Oceanography of Shelf Seas. 2012. J.H. Simpson and J. Sharpless. Cambridge. 448pp
  • Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography. 2001. W.J. Emery and R.E. Thomson. Elsevier Science Inc. 400 pp.


The Coastal Oceanography course will be assessed in two parts: an exam about a theoretical aspect in coastal oceanography, and an exam about data analysis in coastal oceanography.

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