Acquisition et analyse des données, compléments


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Materials for Data acquisition and analysis (OCEA0035-1)



This course is given the first semester each year. We will review theoretical concepts needed for the course, but mainly we will focus on the application of various data analysis techniques to several data sets. The exercises are done in Matlab or Octave and the necessary code will be either provided or developed during the course.

Notes and presentation



Materials (Code and data)


Exercise 1

Quality control: using file 8762075.sealevel.txt, representing the hourly sea level height on the west Florida Shelf in 2004, detect the suspect data that might be classified as outliers. Discussion on why these suspect data should/should not be classified as outliers.

Exercise 2

From the World Ocean Dataset:

  • Download data from a geographically sorted datasets
  • Read the data and transform them to Ascii (program wodASC_all.f). Extract at least temperature.
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