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On server

Set VNC password:


Start vncserver:

vncserver   -geometry 1920x1080

Here is 1920x1080 the size in pixels on the remote desktop. If you run in full-screen, this can be equal to the size of client screen which can be determined by:

xdpyinfo  | grep dimensions

This last command is to be run on the client.

It will tell you the display number with the format hostname:display_number. Open log file for port number (which is usually 5900 + display_number).

Stop the server:

vnc4server -kill :2

where 2 is here the display number.

On client


xvncviewer -via


Open remmina, create new connection:

  • Choose a profile name
  • VNC - Virtual Network Computing

Under Basic:

  • Server: hostname:port
  • Password: enter VNC password

Under SSH:

  • Enable SSH tunnel
  • Enable Tunnel via loopback
  • SSH authentification: enable public key, if you have added your public key with
ssh-copy-id ~/.ssh/your-key server-hostname

You might need to add a command to .ssh/config to proxy the connection through another server (server1):

 ProxyCommand ssh -q server1 nc -q0 server-hostname 22
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