Current and previous PhD thesis


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Current PhD thesis

  • Martin Canter: Bias correction in data assimilation
  • Sylvain Watelet: Reconstruction of the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic since 1900 and correlation with the North Atlantic oscillation
  • Thi Hong Ngu Huynh: Analysis of the South China sea's dynamics using in situ and satellite data

Previous PhD thesis

  • Arthur Capet (2014): Study of the mutli-decadal evolution of the hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry using mathematical modelling
  • Charles Troupin (2011): Study of the Cape Ghir upwelling filament using variational data analysis and regional numerical model
  • Luc Vandenbulcke (2007): Model error space and data assimilation in the Mediterranean Sea and nested grids
  • Aida Alvera Azc√°rate (2004): Forecast verification of a 3D model of the Mediterranean Sea. Analysis of model results and observations using wavelets and Empirical Orthogonal Functions
  • Alexander Barth (2004): Assimilation of sea surface temperature and sea surface height in a two-way nested primitive equation model of the Ligurian Sea
  • (non-exhaustive, please complete)
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