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Local administration

For Belgium residents that want to move to Cataluña, a nice guide is available here: with information of a wide range of topics (residence, driving licence, ...)

Dirección General del Catastro:

Town halls in Mallorca

Forms needed for a grant/postdoc contract

Once the contract has been approved by the institute, several documents have to be presented:

  1. the NIE (Número Nacional de Extranjero).
  2. the social security number.
  3. a bank account number (in Spain).
  4. a doctor's note (Certificado médico) issued in Spain .
  5. a copy of the title and its certification (or a proof showing that you requested it).
  6. certified and signed declarations (sent by the employer).

Let's now explain how to obtain these forms

1. NIE

This document is probably the most important to start working/living in Spain.

For Belearic Islands, the procedure to get the NIE is defined here:

The form to be filled in is available on the web page of the Spanish Government, Ministry of Employment:

The office for foreigners (Oficina de Extranjeros en Palma de Mallorca) is located at

C/ Ciudad de Querétaro, s/n

Teléfono: 971 989 170
Fax: 971 989 443

Note: The NIE is valid for a period of 5 years, but the number itself remains valid for ever.

2. Social security number

The procedure to obtain the número de seguridad social española is explained here:

You will also need:

  • the national identity card
  • the NIE
  • an address in the Spain.

The TA1 form is available here:

According to the webpage, the address where to bring this form is:

Centro de Atención e Información de la Seguridad Social Nº1

c/ Pere Dezcallar i Net, 3
Teléfono(s): 971 437300
Nº de Fax: 971 437398 / 971 437448

but there they say that it is necessary to go to the local administration office, which depends on the place where you live. In our case, it was here:

Administración N°2

C/Jesús, 14
Teléfono(s): 971771767
Nº de Fax: 971770754
Oficina de Registro de Certificados Digitales

In general, to search for an Oficinas de la Seguridad Social, use the page

3. Bank account number

There are numerous banks in Spain, including banks that are also present in Belgium. However:

  • a bank X in Spain can be very different from the same bank X in Belgium, hence you need to check the general conditions, etc.
  • it is frequent that banks in Spain charge you for operations that are not charged in Belgium (even if you do it in Spain): withdraw money, transfer money from one account to another, etc.

To open an account in Spain, you will need:

  • a national identity document,
  • your NIE,
  • an address in Spain.

You might also be asked to provide your a document showing your salary and to make a transfer to the newly opened account.

4. Doctor's note

The note has to be issued in Spain. Prior to the visit, you have to buy (approx. 3€60) a Certificate (Certificado Médico), available at the Official Colleges of Doctors (Colegios Oficales de Médicos).
A list of the colleges is available here.

In Palma, the college (COMIB) is located here:

Passeo Mallorca, 42 - 07012 (Palma de Mallorca)

Teléfono: 971 71 12 29 Fax: 971 71 51 61

Once you have the Certificate, you can go and see the Doctor.
For IMEDEA, you can go to the Servei de Prevenció of the University of Balearic Islands (UIB)

Edifici Cas Jai

Cra. de Valldemossa, km 7.5
Telèfon 971 17 33 57 / Fax 971 17 27 28
07122 Palma (Illes Balears)

5. Certification of titles

The certification of titles obtained outside Spain is a tedious task that requires a large number of documents, most of them have to be translated by a official Spanish translator.
The homologation depends (in 2013) on the [Spanish Ministry of Education].

For information, here is a link to the European legislation about the Free movement of workers:

The web pages for the homologation are:

where all the necessary documents are described in details. To summarize, you will need:

  • A certified copy (Copia compulsada) of your national identity document.
  • A certified copy of the title/diploma of which the homologation is requested + official translation.
  • A certified copy of the Academic Certification (certificación académica) of the studies completed by the applicant to obtain the title + official translation.
  • The confirmation of the payement of the corresponding tax (see Modelo 790).


Certified copy of your national ID

Note that in Belgium: such kind of copy cannot be made, except in particular cases (article 508 of the Loi-Programme of the 22 of December 2003; Circular of the 3 of November 2010 relative to the production of a copy of the national identity card).


  • ask for a unique copy where it will be stated that the copy is only to be used for a specific purpose.

In that case, if the local officer accepts to do the copy, he/she will ask for a document explaining why you need the copy
(in my case, they did not want to do it).

  • make the copy in Spain, for example at University offices for students.

Certified copy of the title/diploma of which the homologation is requested

ULg: Such a copy can be made by the corresponding Faculty (Applied Sciences for Engineers) or by the Central Administration.

Certified copy of the Academic Certification

This document has to contain:

  • the duration of the studies in academic years
  • the study plan
  • the subjects taken and
  • the number of hours for each subject.

ULg: the official documents provided by the Faculties (name of the subjects, marks, ...) are not sufficient, as the number of hours and/or credits is not written on it. Since the information is available in the official programs, the solution was to create a document with all the information on it, and then ask the Faculty to make it official.

Official translation

Documents that have to be translated:

  1. Title/diploma
  2. Academic Certification

List of official translators here (2012)
but always make sure that the person you contact is still an official one.


  • More expensive in Belgium than in Spain (ask me who to avoid).
  • Better to prepare a draft of the translation, in order to be sure to have right translations for technic/scientific words.
  • Discount when translation is already done.
  • Original documents have to be brought (in order to see stamps, watermarks etc).

7. Certified and signed declarations


DECLARA: Bajo juramento o promesa, a efectos de ser contratado por el CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES CIENTÍFICAS, como Investigador en Prácticas, no hallarse inhabilitado para el ejercicio de la función publica ni por sentencia judicial firme ni mediante expediente disciplinario, tanto en el territorio español en el ámbito de todas sus Administraciones Publicas, como que siendo de otra nacionalidad diferente a la española, no esta sometido a sanción disciplinaria o condena penal que impida en su País el acceso a la función publica.

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