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In situ data

  • SeaDataNet

  • World Ocean Database

  • Hydrobase 2

  • ICES Oceanographic Database and

  • Argo - Real time access to Argo floaters

  • The Global Drifter Program and for data search

  • Coriolis Operational Oceanography, go to Data Selection

  • ICOADS (International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set); Surface data and climatologies

  • NDBC (National Data Buoy Center)

  • eWOCE - Electronic Atlas of WOCE Data

  • GLobal Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP)

  • Various oceanographic datasets in ODV Format

WOCE Global Hydrographic Climatology
MEDATLAS Hydrographic and Bio-Chemical Data of the Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • Regional data centers:
British Oceanographic Data Center
Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC)

Data-based climatologies

  • World Ocean Atlas:
High resolution (1/4 degree) Temperature and Salinity Analyses (2001)
Mixed-layer depth
  • Hydrobase 2 Atlas (gridded fields are available at the same address as the raw data)

  • WOCE Hydrographic Program: Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Atlases

  • GLobal Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP)

  • North-East Atlantic Climatology

  • SeaDataNet climatologies of European Seas (Arctic, Atlantic, Baltic, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea)

Satellite data

A comprehensive list of satellite data servers can be found in the NASA Ocean Data Reference Sheet

Some of the most used around here:

  • JPL

  • AVHRR Pathfinder (4km)


  • Group for High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (GHRSST)

  • Remote Sensing Systems (REMSS): Microwave satellite data

  • Ocean Color (NASA)

  • Medspiration (ESA)

  • Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis (OSTIA)

  • Microwave Optimally Interpolated (OI) Sea Surface Temperature (Remote Sensing Systems)

Model results

  • Global NRL HYCOM model results at 1/12 degree resolution

  • Mediterranean Ocean Forecasting System

Data catalogues

  • MyOcean (Data and model results)

  • ECOOP (model results and remote sensing)


  • This page lists many other databases

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