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OceanBrowser3D is an online-application to visualize gridded data sets on a digital model of the Earth. It uses WebGL and the Javascript library EarthGL. Data is accessed as images from an OGC Web Map Server as texture.

Not all browser support WebGL. To test if you browser understands webgl click here: http://www.doesmybrowsersupportwebgl.com/.

Firefox 4 supports WebGL, but sometimes it must be explicitly enabled (if for example your graphics driver is out of date):

  • In the Location bar, type about:config and press Enter.
  • The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click "I'll be careful, I promise!", to continue to the about:config page.
  • In the Filter box, type webgl
  • Doubleclick on the webgl.force-enabled item to switch it to true
  • At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (File menu in Windows XP) and then click Exit. Start Firefox normally.

More information are available at http://get.webgl.org/troubleshooting/

Test site

A preliminary demo is available at:



If your browser cannot play the embedded video, you can download it as

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