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This module performs n-dimensional interpolation of arbitrary curvilinear grid.


Create grid type

Create a n-dimensional grid

First a grid type need to be created with initgrid, before fields can be interpolated.

call initgrid(g,n,gshape,masked)

Set the i-th coordinate from an array x or from filename

call setCoord(g,i,x)
call setCoord(g,i,filename)


Create a two dimensional grid, based on the 10x20 array mask:

call initgrid(g,2,(/ 10,20 /), reshape(mask,(/ 10*20 /))
call setCoord(g,1,'')
call setCoord(g,2,'')

Convenience functions

If the dimension is known a priori, then for 1- to 4-dimensional grids one can call:

call initgrid(g,x,mask)       ! 1-d
call initgrid(g,x,y,mask)     ! 2-d
call initgrid(g,x,y,z,mask)   ! 3-d
call initgrid(g,x,y,z,t,mask) ! 4-d

where x, y, z, t and mask are arrays with the same size.

Interpolated value

Get interpolated value fi at location xi for field f:

call interp(g,f,xi,fi,out)

Get interpolation coefficient and indices

call cinterp(g,xi,indexes,coeff,nbp)

see example OAK/test/test_ndgrid.F90 for a 2-d example:

! example program how to use ndgrid
! for a two dimensional grid

program test_ndgrid
 use ndgrid
 implicit none

 ! size of the domain
 integer, parameter :: m=10,n=20

 ! x and y coordinates 
 ! f field to interpolate
 real, dimension(m,n) :: x,y,f

 ! land-sea mask (land or invalid points equal to .true.)
 logical, dimension(m,n) :: mask

 ! for bi-linear interpolation we have maximal 2**n interpolation coefficients
 ! for n=2, 2**n is 4
 integer :: i,j, indexes(2,4), nbp
 type(grid) :: g

 ! xi,yi location to interpolate
 real :: xi = 3.1, yi = 6.3, fi, coeff(4)
 logical :: out
! initialize coordinate, field and mask
 do j=1,n
   do i=1,m
     x(i,j) = i
     y(i,j) = j
     f(i,j) = fun(x(i,j),y(i,j))
     mask(i,j) = .false.
   end do
 end do

 ! initialize grid
 call initgrid(g,x,y,mask)

! get interpolated value
 call interp(g,f,(/xi,yi/),fi,out)

 write(6,*) 'fi ',fi
 write(6,*) 'ref ',fun(xi,yi) ! should be the same as fi
 write(6,*) 'out ',out        ! should be .false.

! get interpolation coefficients  
 call cinterp(g,(/xi,yi/),indexes,coeff,nbp)
 fi = 0
 do i=1,nbp
   fi = fi + coeff(i) * f(indexes(1,i),indexes(2,i))
 end do

 write(6,*) 'fi ',fi ! the same as before

function fun(x,y)
  implicit none
  real :: x,y,fun
  fun = 2*x+4*y
end function fun

end program test_ndgrid
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