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The templates are rather simple so that there should not be any compilation problem.


  • The figures used for these small presentations are available here.


Note that for the generation of the final pdf, you can use directly:

pdflatex TroupinEGU2012Diva.tex

and that there is no restriction on the figures format (pdf, png, jpg, etc).

This poster was prepared with the draft option


so that the figures does not appear on it (in order to save memory space).

Note that to generate the pdf, you have to use successively:

latex Troupin2011EGU_DINEOFdraft.tex
dvips Troupin2011EGU_DINEOFdraft.dvi -o

All the figures have to be in eps or ps format prior to the compilation. If you use Matlab, you can directly export the figures in eps (see here). Otherwise you may have to manually convert the figures, for example using GIMP.

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