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Things to install

  • recent version of python (2.7.3)

  • recent version of libusb (libusb-1.0.9)

  • pyusb:

  • Garmin-Forerunner-610-Extractor

Extraction of files

  • Go in Garmin-Forerunner-610-Extractor directory a
  • Set variable XDG_CONFIG_HOME where you want the files to be exported
export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/username/Garmin
  • Run

at that point the watch should react (either by emitting a noise or by vibrating). The files are normaly available in


Upload of the information to GarminConnect

Login at and use the updload button.

If you like to play, use the Garmin Connect Python Uploader available at

  • Follow the instructions of the README file to create the file .guploadrc
  • Use the command on a file you want to upload:
python2.7 -a 'Test' /home/username/Garmin/garmin-extractor/idnumber/activities/


Recent version of linux: other packages to test such as:

  • garmin-ant-downloader: ANT+ information retrieval client for Garmin GPS products
  • garmin-forerunner-tools:retrieve data from Garmin Forerunner/Edge GPS devices
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