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and extract it where you want:

tar -xvf GODIVA.tar.gz
  • Go in the source directory
cd GODIVA/DIVA3D/src/Fortran/

and edit the file divacompileall. A good option is to copy divacompileall to another name (ex: divacompileallNIC3) and modify the new file, so that if a new version is installed, the compilation options are saved.

Here is an example of the first lines of divacompileall that have to be modified:

nclib='-L/u/ctroupin/lib -lnetcdf'
  • Once the script is adapted to your machine, run divacompileall in order to produce the executables. If everything goes well, you should see a message like
Compilation finished
You have compiled 78 programs
out of 78
Writing log file...
... written in compilation.log
  • Now GODIVA is ready to be used, just follow the instructions of the User Guide.
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