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ARPACK and parallel ARPACK can be downloaded from

Once the various packages and patches uncompressed, some modifications are necessary to make parallel ARPACK work on nic2 (using the pgi compiler):

  • Edit one example file for parallel compiling from folder ARMAKES (for example, ARmake.MPI-SUN4) and, after modifications, save it in the parent folder (ARPACK) with the name (this will overwrite an existing file). Modifications to be made:
    • home = $(HOME)/ARPACK (or wherever the folder ARPACK is located)
    • PLAT = I usually put nothing in here (it's just for the name of the libraries)
    • FC = mpif90 (We compile everything with the mpi pgi compiler, even the serial library)
    • PFC = mpif90 (parallel compiler)
    • MAKE = /usr/bin/make (location of make)
    • Also, we can modify the next two following entries to avoid unwanted underscores in the libraries names:
ARPACKLIB = $(home)/libarpack.a
PARPACKLIB = $(home)/libparpack.a

There are a series of mpif.h files in the ARPACK folder that must be erased before compiling:

find . -name mpif.h

  • Then, load pgi modules:
module load pgi
module load mpich-gb-pgi
  • To compile ARPACK we must first create the serial library, and then the parallel library:
make lib
make plib

Two libraries should have appeared in the ARPACK folder: libarpack.a and libparpack.a

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