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PhD position in Ocean Modelling in ULG

As soon as possible, begining early 2016

Company Department: Mare, Ulg

Location : University of Liège, Belgium

Duration : Four years from early 2016.

Posted: November 2015

Stage: "Modélisation de la dynamique des efflorescences d'Alexandrium minutum en compétition interspécifique. Impact de la diversité intraspécifique d’A. minutum sur la phénologie des blooms. Application à la rade de Brest"

6 months in 2016

Company Department: Ifremer/DYNECO PELAGOS

Location : Brest, France

Duration : 6 months in 2016

Posted: November 2015



(Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Aerospace, Engineering ...)

PhD position in planetary sciences Royal Observatory of Belgium

5th July 2015


Location : Uccle, Belgium

Duration : Full-time contract of 2 years, with possible extension of 2 years    

Posted: March 2015