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The 38th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics

Preliminary Program

(8-12 May 2006)

Revisiting the role of zooplankton in pelagic ecosystems

ORAL SESSIONS (Building B7 - "Hall Petits Amphithéatres")

For oral presentations, please allow a minimum of 5 min. for questions and discussion.A PC (Mac OSX, Windows 2000 + Microsoft Powerpoint + Adobe Acrobat + CD&DVD reader + USB port), a LCD projector and a lazer pointer will be available.
Participants can also use their own portable computer.
All poster Sessions will be held in “Hall des Petits Amphithéatres”. Posters can be put on display (and removed) AT ANY TIME but authors are expected to present and discuss their poster during the sessions. Posters are formatted in Portrait and must be limited to one page, < 95 cm (width), < 130 cm (length).

Monday 8 May
09h00- Registration
09h50 J. H.-Hecq –Welcome note
10h00 Session 1- Roles of the different zooplankton components in controlling pelagic food webs: respective roles of micro-, meso- and macro-zooplankton, gelatinous predators, and mixotrophs.
10h00 Ramfos A., Isari S., Fragopoulu N. Exceptionally high abundance of overwintering Calanus helgolandicus populations in the North Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean)
10h30 Renz J., Hirche H.-J. Pseudocalanus acuspes in the Central Baltic Sea-an arctic relict species as key prey
11h00 Coffee break
11h20 Rivkin R.B., Anderson M.R., Hale M., Evans H., Li W.K.W. Ocean basin-scale patterns of microzooplankton herbivory and bacterivory
11h50 Invited Lecture :  Legendre L., Rivkin R. Recent concepts in pelagic ecosystem functioning…..
12h20 Lunch break
14h00 Session 2- Influence of long-term changes in physics and climate on the abundance and diversity of zooplankton.
14h00 Lindeque P., Bonnet D., Yebra Mmora L. Is intra-specific genetic variation in Calanus helgolandicus European populations associated with latitudinal and environmental differences?    
14h30 Alheit, J., Dutz, J., Möllmann C. Teleconnection patterns of impact of climate variability on pelagic ecosystems across Europe
15h00 Barz K., Hirche H.-J. Predatory impact of invertebrates in the Bornholm Basin (central Baltic Sea)
15h30 Coffee break
15h50 Schnack-Schiel S.B., Mizdalski E. Variation in calanoid copepod abundance and composition along a latitudinal transect in the Atlantic
16h20 Fernandez de Puelles M.L. The interannual zooplankton variability in relation to water masses influence in The Balearic Sea : a case of boundary area in the Western Mediterranean
16h50 Aronés K., Ayon P., Hirche H.-J., Schwamborn R. ENSO effects and long-term trends in the zooplankton off Paita, northern Peru (1994 to 2004)
17h20 Goffart A., Dauby P., Descamps E., Frangoulis C., Gobert S., Gorsky G., Lejeune P., Rousseaux C., Hecq J.-H. The long term variability of zooplankton and it’s control in the Oligotrophic Bay of Calvi (Corsica, NorthWestern Mediterranean)
17h50 Zizah S., Ettahiri O., Hasnaoui M., Machu E., Somoue L., Errhif A., Berraho A.M. Zooplankton Size Structure Shift in the Moroccan upwelling area: A retrospective analysis
18h20 Poster Session- Discussion on session 1-2
Poster Altukhov D., Gubanova A. Oithona brevicornis Giesbrecht: new copepod species in the Black Sea.
Poster Peters J., Dutz J., Hagen W. Impact of food quantity and quality on reproductive success of the copepod Temora longicornis in the North Sea - a fatty acid marker perspective.
Poster Annabi-Trabelsi N., Daly Yahia M.N., Romdhane M.N. On the ecological role of Copepods in the complex Tunis North Lake- Kherreddine Canal marine ecosystem
Poster Drira Z., Belhassen M., Hamza A., Ayadi H., Bouaïn A. Short time study of Copepods populations in Gabes gulf (Mediterranean sea)
Poster Ettahiri O., Somoue L., Ramdani M., Berraho A. Zizah S., Machu E. Copepod diversity and abundance along the Atlantic coast of Morocco
Poster Lakkis S., and Zeidane R. Biodiversity of the plankton community in the Lebanese Seawaters (Eastern Mediterranean)
Poster Gorsky G., Ibanez F., Stemmann L., Mazzocchi M., Hecq J. H., Warembourg C., Raybaud V. Harmonisation of long-term zooplankton time series in the Mediterranean. ZooPNEC group and MedZoo group related to the CIESM Task Force on Zooplankton Indicators
Poster Fonda-Umani S., Kamburska L., Tamberlich F. Seasonal and interannual dynamics of mesozooplankton biomass
in the Gulf of Trieste, Northern Adriatic
Poster Beran A., Fonda Umani S. Selective grazing of microzooplankton on the natural assemblage in the Northern Adriatic Sea
Poster Daly Yahia M.N., Daly Yahia-Kéfi O. An overview on the distribution and diversity of mesozoopankton along the tunisian coast during the last decade.
Poster Batistic  M., Nenad Jasprica N., Caric M. Annual variability of the gelatinous invertebrate zooplankton of the South Adriatic coast
Poster Goffart A., Descamps E., Frangoulis C., Gobert S., Gorsky G., Lejeune P., Pelaprat C., Rousseaux C., Hecq J.-H. The long term variability of zooplankton and it’s control in the Oligotrophic Bay of Calvi (Corsica, NorthWestern Mediterranean) 
Poster Rousseaux C., Descamps E., Goffart A., Hecq J.-H. Microplankton variability  in the Bay of Calvi (Corsica- France)
Poster Mudrak S., Dobron K., Zmijewska M.I. Diel changes of phyto- and zooplankton (Gdansk Deep, Baltic Sea) – a simultaneous field study 
Poster Andersen, V., Picheral, M., Devey, C., Gubanova, A., Altukhov, D., Skryabin, V. & S. Tsarin. Seasonal and vertical structure of the zooplankton community observed at mesoscale in the North-East Atlantic.
18h20 Reception
20h00 Break
Tuesday 9 May
09h00 Session 3- Influence of small-scale physical variability on the behaviour, dynamics and spatial distribution.
09h00 Uye S.-I., Kawahara M. Recent bloom of the giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai (Scyphozoa: Rhizostomeae) in East Asian waters: cause and consequence
09h30 Andersen V., André M., Gubanova A., Altukhov D., Khvorov S., Tsarin S., Picheral M., Mousseau L., Prieur L. Short-term changes in the zooplankton community during the summer-autumn transition in the open NW Mediterranean
10h00 Schulz J. Hirche H-J Vertical zonation in the Baltic Sea
10h30 Coffee Break
10h50 Schwamborn R., Melo M.Jr., Cunha A.G., Neumann-Leitao S., Ekau W., Paranagua M.N. Tidal Transport of Decapoda at Catuama Inlet (Pernambuco, Brazil)
11h20 Siokou-Frangou I., Zervoudaki S., Christou E.D., Zervakis V. Variability of mesozooplankton spatial distribution in the N.Aegean Sea, as influenced by the Black Sea waters outflow
11h50 Airs R.L., Cook I., Bonnet D. Dietary acquisition of UV photoprotective compound sin marine zooplankton
12h20 Lunch break
14h00 Cornils, A, Schnack-Schiel S.B., Bäurle A., Richter C. Vertical distribution and diversity of calanoid copepods within the Spermonde Archipelago, SW Sulawesi
14h30 Session 4 -Adaptation to specific environments (e.g. deep sea, ice).
14h30 Niehoff B. , Kreibich T., Hagen W. From dormancy to activity: life cycle strategies of the Arctic copepods Calanus glacialis and C. hyperboreus during the winter-spring transition
15h00 Färber-Lorda J. Spatial approach to the morphological and biochemical differentiation in Antarctic Krill
15h30 Coffe break
16h00 Michels J., Dieckmann G. Schnack-Schiel S.l The role of zooplankton in cryo-pelagic couplingin the Southern Ocean
16h30 Swadling K.M., Macleod c.K., Foster S. Zooplankton dynamics in a southeastern Australian estuary.
17h00 C. Rousseaux, Thompson P., Descy J.P., Hecq J.-H. A study on the effects of microzooplankton grazing on the diurnal vertical migration (DVM) of dinoflagellates in the Huon Estuary (Tasmania)
17h30 Poster Session- Discussion on session 3-4
Poster Holste L., Peck M.A., St John M.A. The effects of temperature and salinity on egg production, hatching success and naupliar survival of Baltic Temora longicornis (Copepoda:Calanoida): A laboratory investigation
Poster Loots C., Swadling K., Koubbi P. Regional differences in the life cycle of an important sea-ice copepod (Paralabidocera antarctica) along the coast of east Antarctica.
Poster Elloumi J., Ayadi H., Carrias J.-F., Sime Ngando T., Bouaïn A. Composition and distribution of protozooplankton and metazooplankton in six ponds of different salinity: a seasonal succession in Sfax salt marshes (Tunisia)
Poster Beans C., Koubbi P., Goffart G., Hecq J.H. Microplankton summer assemblages from Terre Adélie to the Mertz Glacier (139°E - 145°E), Antarctica
Wednesday 10 May
09h00 Session 5- Roles of zooplankton diversity and abundance on the recruitment of fish. - Influence of predators on zooplankton and pelagic systems.
09h00 Voss R., Peck M.A., Dickmann M., Peters J., Hirche H.-J., Möllmann C., Clemmesen C., Kraus G., Baumann H., Dutz J., Hinrichsen H.-H., Temming A., Köster F.W., Alheit J. Indications of bottom-up control of sprat recruitment in the Baltic Sea
09h30 Tamm S., Zabanski S., Moll A., Alheit J. GLOBEC Germany data base for zooplankton and fish larvae measurements: cruise data overview and sampling strategy    
10h00 Kühn W., Peck M.A. Hochbaum U., Hinrichsen H.-H., Moll A., Dickmann M., Pohlmann T.,  Stegert C. Seasonality in observed and simulated zooplankton prey fields in the German Bight (southern North Sea) and habitat suitability for clupeid fish larvae
10h30 Coffee break
11h00 Schmidt J.O., Hinrichsen H.H. The impact of nauplii abundance and diversity on fish larval survival: Baltic cod as a theoretical case study
11h30 Sabatés A., Grau C., Emilianov M., Salat J., Zaragova N. Climate change and ichthyoplankton distribution: the case of  Sardinella aurita in the North-western Mediterranean
12h00 Lunch break      
14h00 Loots C., Swadling K., Koubbi P Regional differences in the life cycle of an important sea-ice copepod (Paralabidocera antarctica) along the coast of east Antarctica.    
14h30 Koubbi P., Duhamel. G, Hecq J.H., Vacchi M., Catalano B., Vallet C., Beans C., Loots C. Ichthyoplankton in the neritic and coastal zone of Antarctica and Subantarctic islands
15h00 Coffe break
15h30 Beans C., Koubbi P.,Valet C., Courcot L., Goffart A.,  Hecq J.-H. The diet of post-larval Antarctic silverfish, Pleuragramma antarcticum, from Terre Adelie coastal waters.
16h00 Granata A, Zagami G., Vacchi M., Hecq J.-H., Guglielmo L. Feeding habits of larval and juvenile Pleuragramma antarcticum in the Western Ross Sea (Antarctica)
16h30 Poster Session- Discussion on session 5
Poster Karuppasamy P.K., Lalu Raj C.M., Achuthankutty Oxygen minimum zone and assemblage of micronekton in the Andaman Sea during winter monsoon
Poster Beans C., Koubbi P.,Valet C., Courcot L., Goffart A.,  Hecq J.-H. The diet of post-larval Antarctic silverfish, Pleuragramma antarcticum, from Terre Adelie coastal waters.
Poster Mahjoub S., Daly Yahia- Kéfi O., Daly Yahia M.N. Ichtyoplankton of Tunis Bay: Composition and distribution
20h00 Reception & dinner at Château de Colonster (the "Colloquium bus" will pick up participants at their hotels and bring them back)
23h00 Return of the bus to the hotels
Thursday 11 May
09h00 Session 6- Effects of zooplankton on biogeochemical fluxes
09h00 Hernández-León S. Biogeochemical implications of top-down effects in the ocean
9h30 Varpe Ø., Tarling G.A., Fiksen Ø., Shreeve R.S. State-dependent phenology and resource allocation of the Southern Ocean copepod Calanoides acutus
10h00 Zervoudaki S., Frangoulis C., Christou E.D., Svensen C., Arashkevich E., Ratkova T., Wexels R., Pagou K., Wassmann P. Vertical carbon flux of biogenic mater in a coastal area of the Aegean Sea. Importance of appendicularians and phytoplankton
10h30 Coffee break
10h50 Koski M. Development and growth of Temora longicornis on diatom diets
11h20 Graeve M., Kattner G. Carbon transfer and fatty acid biosynthesis in the Arctic herbivorous food web
11h50 Torgersen T. Plankton in spatially variable systems can be preadapted to environmental fluctuations and change
12h20 Lunch break    
14h00 Session 6- Effects of zooplankton on biogeochemical fluxes (2d part)
14h00 Gorsky G., Lombard F. The role of appendicularians in the plankton food webs
14h30 Mousseau L., Lefevre D. Andersen V. Narcy F., Nival P. Role of the zooplankton community composition on the mineralization and the vertical flux of organic matter at a fixed station in the Ligurian Sea
15h00 Gentsch E., Kreibich T. Hansen B., Niehoff B. Grazing experiments and stable isotope signatures of Temora longicornis during a time series at Helgoland Roads, North Sea: Indication for a shift in feeding strategy
15h30 Coffe break
15h50 Wesche A., Hirche  H.-J. Cannibalism in North Sea copepods
16h20 C. Rousseaux, Thompson P., Descy J.P., Hecq J.-H. A study on the effects of microzooplankton grazing on the diurnal vertical migration (DVM) of dinoflagellates in the Huon Estuary (Tasmania)
16h50 Mayor D. J., Anderson T.R., Irigoien X., Pond D. Carbon limits egg production in Calanus finmarchicus before the spring bloom
17h20 Lucic D., JNjire J., Benovic A. The Role of gelatinous zooplankton in the structure of the northern adriatic planktonic ecosystem (june 1996 – july 2000)
17h50 Buitenhuis E., Le Quéré C., Aumont O., Beaugrand G., Bunker A., Hirst A., Ikeda T., O’Brien T., Piontovski S., Straile D., Biogeochemical fluxes through mesozooplankton
18h20 Poster Session- Discussion on session 6
Poster Kreibich T., Gentsch E., Hansen B., Hagen W., Niehoff B. Physiological adaptations of Temora longicornis females (Crustacea, Copepoda) to changing nutritional conditions in the North Sea
Poster Hansen B., Gentsch E., Kreibich T., Niehoff B.  Reproduction of T. longicornis & A. clausi in relation to food quantity &  quality during spring bloom 2005
Poster Alcaraz M., Saiz E., Calbet A., Trepat I. Zooplankton biomass, respiration and nutrient excretion in the NW Mediterranean : comparison of summer and winter conditions
Poster Calbet A., Saiz E., Barata C. Lethal and sublethal effects of naphtalene and 1,2-dimethylnaphtalene on the marine copepod Acartia grani
Poster Saiz E., Movilla J.I., Barata  C., Calbet A. Effects of PAHs on the naupliar and copepodite stages of the marine copepod Oithona davisae
Poster Färber-Lorda J., Gaudy R. Elemental composition, biochemical composition and calorific value of Antarctic Krill
Friday 12 May
09h00 Session 7 - Recent developments in zooplankton modelling
09h00 Neumann T., Fennel W., Kremp C. Simulation of Copepods in 3-dimensional Eulerian Models
09h30 Stegert C., Kreus M., Carlotti F., Moll A. Parameterisation of a zooplankton population model for Pseudocalanus elongates in the North Sea using stage durations from laboratory experiments
10h00 Moll A., Carlotti F., Kühn W., Kreus M. Seasonal dynamics of Pseudocalanus elongatus in different regions of the North Sea using population modelling embedded into the ecosystem model ECOHAM3 with competing bulk zooplankton
10h30 Moll A., Pätsch J., Kühn W., Kreus M., Stegert C. Simulation of regional differences and annual cycles of North Sea zooplankton biomass or population abundance with the three-dimensional ecosystem model ECOHAM
11h00 Coffee break
11h20 Kremp C., Neumann T., Fennel Simulation and Measurements of Copepod Stages
11h50 Machu E, Zizah S., Somue L., Ettahiri O. Zooplankton distribution in the central Canary Upwelling System over the last ten years: a modelling experiment confronted with observations
Poster Devey C., Andersen V., Prieur L. Stationary modelling approach of the pelagic ecosystems. Application to the Pomme study in the North Atlantic.
12h20 Lunch break
14h00 Session 8 New technologies (e.g. genetics, sampling).
14h00 Mengedoht D.M., Schulz J., Hirche H.J. Size spectra and distribution of zooplankton in the German Bight measured by a Laser Plankton Counter (LPC)
14h30 Strickler J.R. Planktonic Copepods and Their Food : a Lesson in Nano-Technology
15h00 Schulz J, Mengedoht D., Hirche H.J. Imaging the small Lightframe On-sight Keyspecies Investigation (LOKI)
15h30 Nelson H., Poulton N., Sieracki C.K., Blanpain E FlowCAM Technology – Continuous imaging fluid particle analyzer for plankton research and monitoring
16h00 Kamburska L., Stefanova K., Gubanova A., Shiganova T., Moncheva S. Towards the Black Sea zooplankton diversity an assessment and uncertainties
16h30 Coffee break

Poster Session- Discussion on session 7-8

Closing note

Poster Guermazi W., Bornaghi V., Aleandri R., Elloumi J. Ayadi H., Bouain A. Assessment of the growth potential of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis by evaluating morphometric characteristics
Poster Rubino F., Moscatello S., Saracino O.D., Belmonte Plankton biodiversity in the South Adriatic Sea: an integrated water/sediment approach

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