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Tinto Odiel River Ocean Study

 A DG XII Environment and Climate program


DG XII ESCY contract ENV4-CT96-0217

The aim of this project is to study the inputs of two acidic and metal-rich rivers, draining one of the most important sulfide mineralization in the world to the Gulf of Cadiz which provides a major source of water for the Mediterranean Sea.

Dissolved trace metal concentrations in the surface waters of the western Mediterranean Sea have been reported to be higher than those measured in open ocean.

This metal enrichment of Mediterranean relative to the surface Atlantic waters could be due to an external source : shelf water of the Gulf of Cádiz is enriched in dissolved Cu, Cd and Zn relative to offshore waters. Those waters are entrained with the Atlantic inflow through the Straits of Gibraltar, so that trace metal enrichment of Spanish coastal water can dominate the trace metal composition of the Atlantic inflow to the Mediterranean Sea.

The TOROS project intends to investigate the unusual metal enrichment in the Gulf of Cádiz waters.

Several hypotheses have been advanced to explain the origin of high metal concentrations in this region :

  • A metal trap mechanism in Spanish shelf waters.
  • A riverine input in the Gulf of Cádiz from extremely metal-rich acidic rivers : Rio Tinto and Rio Odiel.

Overall project presentation: link to the main TOROS pages at University of Granada (Spain)   

Annual report (1996-1997) for the University of Liege.  

2nd annual report (1997-1998) for the University of Liege.  

3rd annual report (1998-1999) for the University of Liege.  

Final scientific report (1996-1999) for the University of Liege.

The multidisciplinary study of the Gulf of Cadiz was also the subject of my European DEA (Diploma Eruditionum Altarum) in Marine Environment Modelling dissertation .

This report is a more detailed version of the GHER's 2nd year progress report.

Postscript version of every documents mentionned on this page are also available. Just ask me.

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