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Form for Omega In Situ Data Extraction
Fill out this form to get the data you need !

 Be sure to put a . (decimal point) after a real number (2. instead of 2) in the form !


Position :
Min Lat :         Max Lat :
Min Lon :       Max Lon :

Years (yyyy) :
     From :      To : 

Period (mmdd) :
     From :      To : 

Depth ( in m > 0 ) :
     From :     To : 

Data Type :
T/S :     Velocities : 


After you submit the query, just give a name with the '.Z' suffix to the compressed file to load on your disk.

It takes a few minutes to extract values ... Be patient !

Thank you for acknowledging the MODB Project in your work !


Last modified May 1, 1997
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