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By registering, you will be informed by E-mail as soon as new MODB products are publicly available. You will also receive general interest messages related to the MODB.

All the messages are filtered by the MODB partners or the MODB administrator. The mailing list is not publicly available and it will not be accessible to other people or to companies.

If you estimate that a message that you receive through the MODB mailing list is a misuse of the principles above, complain to the MODB administrator.

If you agree with the text above, register your E-mail address:

Use this form only to register yourself.
To avoid any misuse, the registration will be notified by mail.

Would you like to cancel your registration, type your E-mail address below:

The cancellation will be notified by mail.

If you want to use the mailing list, suggest a message to the MODB administrator. He will decide if the information should be forwarded or not. The message should be of general interest and related to the MODB project.

Send a general interest message (password protected)
Send a message to the MODB partners (password protected)


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