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In order to ensure the coherence of the MODB final product a common methodology has been adopted within the group to fulfill the successive quality control stages. Indeed most of the QC stages have been performed locally by the appropriate MODB partner. Only the final statistical check designed to ensure the global consistency of the bank will be made after the merging of the multiple individual data sets.

Roughly speaking the successive stages of the local QC protocol are as follows.

  1. Conformity check : conformity of the profile headers
  2. Range check : eliminate out of range observations
  3. Physical check : check stability of the water column

These are fully described in a comprehensive note:

  1. The MODB Local Quality Control : main text (zipped postscript file)
  2. Annex 1 : ASCII Fortran program to compute UNESCO formula of the density

A little ascii text recalling the signification of the main QC flags as they have been used until now is available here

The checking procedure has led the deletion or flagging of some pieces of information contained in the original data banks. Here are the reports of the alteration of the banks resulting from the (local) checking process.

square12_yellow.gif GHER report: Bndo and Nodc original data bases


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