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ModbWin is a public domain software and can be found on the anonymous ftp server of the MODB (Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base) project. This program, like all other products of the MODB project, is subject to conditions of use that can be found on the 'ftp' and 'WWW' servers.

This program reads Matrix Data Files provided by the MODB project on its server :

ModbWin requires MS-Windows 3.1 and at least 4MB Ram (but 8MB is highly recommended since the data files are rather big). A complete description of the program can be found in the Help Menu of ModbWin.

This program is a free contribution to the MODB project provided by Pedro VICENTE (New University of Lisbon, Portugal) and all comments and remarks are welcome and should be directed to Pedro.

Pedro Vicente

IST (Pavilhco de Turbomaquinas)
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1096 Lisboa Codex, Portugal
Voice: (351-1) 8417579
Fax: (351-1) 8417398

We wish to thank him for this contribution.



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