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Form for data extraction

We provide two very different way of retrieving data from the MODB bank :

Form request on the WWW server

The form request is much more flexible but provides a much less organized result: only one profile data file by submission. Cruise details are lost. There is nevertheless a big advantage for those interested in a very particular situation (for example, a small subregion of the Mediterranean): it allows you to select interactively the data you need according to the data type (CTD,...), the year, the period of the year, the depth and the position.

File retrieval on the FTP server

On the FTP site, the data base is organized layer by layer according to the date of release. This allows the user to patch a previous version with the new material available. In each layer, the profiles are organized cruise by cruise according to the data type (CTD,...) and the year of measurement. This method is well suited to people interested in retrieving the whole bank or large amounts of data, covering the whole Mediterranean area, for which year and type are the most important extraction criteria.


Here is a sample profile file to show what the format looks like.

When you get a complete set of the data please notify (just to see who is working with these data !).


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