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You can extract a domain from the ETOPO5 World Data Set. This data set contains bathymetric and elevation data on a 5 minute grid.

Warning : This data set is not the best one available. We had some problems with unrealistic values (or missing islands) and a westward shift. Despite this, the ETOPO5 will probably be helpful to some of you.

The extracted matrix will be in ASCII see readata1.f and readata2.f to read it. For more information, just read the README file.



Latitude must be between 89 55' S and 90 N

Longitude must be between 179 55' W and 180 E


Position :

                Degrees  Minutes

    Southmost Latitude:  
    Northmost Latitude:   
    Westmost Longitude:
    Eastmost Longitude:

After you submit the query, just give a name with the '.Z' suffix to the compressed file to load on your disk.

Thank you for acknowledging the MODB Project in your work !


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 Last modified 09/26/01