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Diva is a public domain graphical software and can be found on the anonymous ftp server of the MODB (Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base) project. This program, like all other products of the MODB project, is subject to conditions of use that can be found on the 'ftp' and 'WWW' servers.

Diva runs on Unix systems (AIX, HP-UX, SunOS, ...) under X-Windows. It requires at least 20MB Ram but more space is needed if you are going to work on big data sets. A complete description of the program can be found in the Help Menu of Diva.

The main DIVA distribution page has moved to http://modb.oce.ulg.ac.be/projects/1/diva

This program allows you to  : 

Also, you are able to visualise the results of your work:

The new version 4.1.1 is available now


If you do not have installed yet version 4.1 of Diva, simply use diva4.1.1.zip to use the latest version

If you already installed version 4.1, you can

-either use diva4.1.1.zip and overwrite existing files

-or use diva4.1to4.1.1.zip to update only the modified files (README.1 includes the list of changes)

For reference, diva4.1.zip can also we downloaded.




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