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This page contains gridded data representing bathymetries and elevations extracted from the ETOPO5 data base:

  • Mediterranean Bathymetry
  • The whole ETOPO5 data set
  • ETOPO5 online extraction

    Look at the README file to understand the file format. These matrices are stored in the same way as the gridded data sets. You can read this two examples of FORTRAN extracting routines : readata1.f, readata2.f


    Mediterranean Bathymetry extracted from the ETOPO5 data set (on a 5 min grid) :

    • Longitude : -9 deg -> 42 deg
    • Latitude : 30 deg -> 48 deg

    Please look at the README file.

    The whole data set has been split into two parts (northern and southern hemispheres):

    Please look at the README file.

    It is also possible to extract only the data you need ! Try our online extraction form !


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