The first task of MODB is to collect and distribute all available in situ TS measurements carried out in the Mediterranean Sea. The limits adopted are (9W, 30N) to (42E, 48N); they also include the Black Sea, the Azov Sea and a section of the Atlantic.

The MODB'S partners have gathered and processed a certain amount of profile data. These individual data sets have been sent to the MODB center located at the University of Liège where they have been combined. The majority of the resulting data bank is now accessible to the public.

All the profile data have been quality controlled by a regional expert and put in a common exchange format called the MODB/MEDATLAS Profile Data Format.


Before accessing the data, it may be useful to have a look at the distributions of casts.
For this purpose, the whole MODB bank has been split into six exclusive parts:

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